What is Marketplace?
Marketplace is a digital platform underpinned by an outsourced procurement service that manages spend, compliance and risk in the tail whilst achieving incremental savings.
Live spend visibility
Marketplace provides visibility of what your organisation is buying, who is buying it and how much is being spent. By understanding this, we can address your spend to achieve savings.
  • Cost Savings Marketplace drives savings using multi-client data-analytics to rationalise tail spend on a continuous basis.
  • Transactional Efficiencies Aggregating contracts with a supplier aggregator results in transactional efficiencies, saving organisations the administrative burden of managing thousands of tail spend suppliers.
  • Risk Management Managing the risk and liability of tail spend suppliers is achieved by novating organisation’s contracts to Marketplace or utilising Marketplace global agreements.
Curated catalogue & digital sourcing desk Marketplace is a digital platform used as a single buying channel and demand capture for tail spend. Access a curated catalogue to purchase products and services, or if a product or service is not found, use the digital sourcing desk within Marketplace to purchase. Use Marketplace to gain strategic insight and focus into a non-strategic segment of spend.
Outsourced procurement service Use Marketplace to outsource your tail spend. We drive savings and rationalisation activities using multi-client data analytics whilst enabling your organisation to control spend, compliance and risk in the tail. Transform how buyers make purchases through a curated self-service catalogue and sourcing request to ensure all spend is routed through a single, defined purchasing channel.
“Marketplace will transform how we manage tail spend at the Vodafone Procurement Company by using the latest digital procurement technologies to bring visibility of what we’re spending and create savings”
Ninian Wilson Global Supply Chain Director and CEO Vodafone Procurement Company
Ninian Wilson Global Supply Chain Director and CEO Vodafone Procurement Company
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